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Donations for Non-Profit Senior Living in Louisville, KY

Springhurst Pines is owned by the non-profit organization called ‘Baptist Homes, Inc.’

The legacy of Baptist Homes, Inc. is a long and honorable one. The committee that began this ministry started in 1953, however Parr’s Rest began in 1914. Many wonderful and generous Baptist brothers and sisters put forth their love, devotion and personal resources to create our wonderful ministry nearly one hundred years ago. Your donation will help this wonderful ministry to continue to live on and help our seniors in need. Your tax-deductible donation will help pay for residents at Parr’s who’s resources are depleting. Not only will this allow them to remain in their personal care home, but they will continue to receive the care they need. You may also appoint a specific designation for your donation, such as equipment, department or beneficiary.

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